Not Your Ordinary Valentine: Parathrilla in Manila

Paramore’s  back to the Philippines tour was awesome! And what’s more fun that it held at SM MOA Arena last February 15 which has surround sound system. Lol. First time to be there by the way. 🙂

For some reason I wasn’t really hyped up days before the concert because of too much thinking (Hello work). But the experience was worth it. When they started playing on stage, everybody felt so alive that they started a “mini” mosh pit which led to the unfortunate event of losing my right shoe. We found it after the concert though with battle scars but imagine what I look like people looking at my foot and me and my boyfriend standing in the middle of everyone waiting for my shoe to reveal itself. I know I should have worn shoes that are are gonna be stuck on my feet even if I freaking shake them off but well… I didn’t. All because during the first concert Paramore had here, I didn’t experience THAT happening. As they say, there is always a first time for everything. Anyway, the concert was still awesome. Sharing to you some pictures. 🙂

Front act by Me Without You



And the riot began.IMG_4901 IMG_4894 IMG_4920 IMG_4910 IMG_4907


Concert buddy haggard moments.IMG_4871

Some videos I posted:

Fingers crossed for part 3! ❤ And I swear by that time (or whatever next concert) I’m gonna wear the right foot gear.


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