Gaining What Was Lost

Don’t get fooled by the title, this IS still a food post =)) This was the first day I went to the gym, Anj being my tour guide, LOL. After about an hour, we decided to eat because we haven’t eaten lunch yet. Soooo, we went to Friday’s, hence the title. Get it? =))

Location: 3 Floor Glorietta 3 near Gold’s Gym


I could probably say they have a strategic location to tempt those who work out at Gold’s, lol.

Cajun Shrimp Pasta. I still love how there’s a little tinge of spice but Cajun Red Rock’s Creole Chicken Pasta’s flavor is getting into me. Still ordering this next time though. We had this for sharing.DSC_0587

Chicken Fingers. Dip was to die for! Hahaha. Oh the simple things in life. We loved it so much 🙂



Whenever I go back at Glorietta Gold’s Gym, I make sure I don’t look at Friday’s location. Lol. Anyone who’s still in the process of losing Holiday weight wouldn’t. =))


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