People Come and Go

We had a joint team building session last December 15 to 16 at Kedon Residences, Laguna. If you’ve read my About the Author page, I mentioned there that I am an SAP consultant. Basically, these are the people that I get to work with both applications and infrastructure.


This is my first job after graduating college. I’ve been part of the SAP applications team during its early years and been here for 3 years  sharing a lot of stories, experiences and even food with this team.

(c) Albert Dizon

(c) Albert Dizon

A lot of people ask why I stayed and I could say that it’s mainly because of the people I work with. This is the team who taught me how to stand on my own and speak my mind. Honestly, I was never that vocal during the start and I could also say that I’m different already on how I think, what I say and how I deal with things. I owe it to these people who provided me feedback and constructive criticisms to be able to improve how I work.

But of course, I cannot always stay and as what others say, “People come and go.” I do believe about what my colleague said, that when people leave, it means that the others have already stepped up. And I truly believe that the team will continue to perform even better with the new set of seniors.

Thank you everyone for the past 3 years and 4 months of sharing experiences and for teaching me things books do not contain. I will always remember everything I have been taught and continue to live up to it. Cheers to the new year up ahead which will be an obstacle of different challenges. It will surely be a test but we can do this 🙂

Happy New Year!


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