Yabu Birthday

IMG_4400 IMG_4402

Location: 2/F  Atrium SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong

December is what I can call the spending Month! I have the Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas all in one month. Please do not add any other occasion for full bankruptcy!

I decided to treat the fambam for a dinner out and since I haven’ tried Yabu yet, we went there.

Favorite part of the interiors was the comic strip walls. 🙂

IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4401Our orders:

Mango shake. Slowly becoming staple in every restaurant I eat at.IMG_4405Tonkatsu Hire. My sister and I’s order. Of course we did not share, one order each. Haha.IMG_4408

Fish Katsu (I think). Tita’s order in 90 grams.IMG_4410

Ebi and Fish Katsudon. My cousin’s order.

Ebi and Fish Katsudon Special. Difference is, the egg is separated.IMG_4411

Our orders have unlimited rice while the rice bowls have unlimited cabbage. The verdict? It has big servings but I didn’t like the cabbage. I can’t understand how it should tasted. -_-‘ The katsu though is very crisp and tenderloin so yummy to chew. Too much though feels like you have a lot of oil in the mouth. I would come back to taste ebi though.

Picture below is my mom, my sister and me. 🙂IMG_4407As I mentioned in my post about Sofitel, what is a celebration without eating? 🙂



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