November 2012: Bukidnon

I am slowly adding domestic travels in my list and as mentioned in my previous post, I’m heading to Cebu and El Nido next year. But first, I’m gonna talk about my experience in Bukidnon. This will be a mix of grabbed and own shots cause I decided to leave my camera and hold on the contraption with two hands for my dear life, details in a while. =))

Our itinerary takes us to Dahilayan Forest Park. On the way there, we passed by the Del Monte plantation. It’s very interesting that the employees there have their own village complete with schools, parks, stores, in short, everything they need. Since the location is far, it really is a must to live somewhere near or more so, live within the grounds. Bukidnon was about 30 minutes from CDO, that’s just from the place we are staying which is near Limketkai Mall to the CDO-Bukidnon boundary.

(c) Iris Munsayac Concepcion

(c) Iris Munsayac Concepcion

After photo ops at Del Monte Plantation, we then went to Dahilayan Forest Park for the Zipline. The place was beautiful with lots of tall trees. The weather is also cool but not freezing.

Remember Twilight?

I don’t like the feeling of nothing underneath, heck I don’t even like crossing footbridges but we got to do what we got to do. I never liked rides that elevate you in the air with flimsy contraption. The only other ride that I liked was Flying Fiesta in EK so I guess that made me think I’ll be okay with the 320/150 meter zipline. You do that while on a sitting position and holding on the contraption. The feeling was exhilarating actually, but just for that ride.

(c) Iris Munsayac-Concepcion

(c) Iris Munsayac – Concepcion

Fooling around after the 302/150 meters.

(c) Iris Munsayac – Concepcion

Dahilayan Forest Park has the Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline. If you’re afraid of height’s, you’re gonna pee in your pants. I didn’t. But I cried. LOL.

This post doesn’t even make me feel better, I mean,840 meters and 4500 ASL????

(c) Iris Munsayac

Check out my poser picture with the rest of the gang.

(c) Iris Munsayac – Concepcion

I did have a picture of myself setting up.

(c) Iris Munsayac – Concepcion

Unfortunately, I chickened out last minute. I swear I felt like I’m gonna die (-_-‘). So I leave you guys with a picture of me and my cousin “riding” the longest zipline in Asia. :p
 So that’s what our Bukidnon trip was about. 🙂

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