Global Pinoy Bazaar

Late post! Lately I’ve been struggling to balance my time with work and blogging that work eventually got a hold of most of my time so I’m making up by posting again. I feel a bit refreshed because I just came back from vacation and maybe that’s the reason why it’s now better to juggle things in between than before. I was really looking forward for a work distraction and that vacation really did my mind great not having to talk about inventories or support or whatever work needs me to do.

Going back to this, if you remember about 2 weeks back I blogged about winning a free pass to the Global Pinoy Bazaar that happened at Rockwell Tent last November 10 and as promised, I’m posting about it now.

This stall caught our eye because it’s selling unique prints for dog tags, bag tags, key chains and notepads. You can buy all these from MaPapel. I bought kimonos at P200 from the store they’re sharing their stall with but I might have thrown their calling card :s

Got to visit also one store that sells uber delicious cupcakes according to my friend Anj. She says that they actually use tablea as ingredient which makes them very rich in flavor. Too bad I wasn’t able to taste as I was just recuperating from tonsillitis at that time. Sucks to have allergy on chocolates 😦


Yabang Pinoy is also selling some shirts and beside it I was able to see Dodong Purontong. I had to take a picture because of their funny and unique name :p


Aside from the kimonos, I was also able to buy a pair of tan quilted flats from Sewn Sandals, which reminds me that I haven’t worn it since. Hmmm. Probably today is the day to do it. They also sell pretty neon flats which I won’t be able to learn how to wear. Neon just seems weird to me but oh so easily worn by my favorite bloggers.


Of course it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit the Hodge Podge booth! Got so lucky with the raffle, hehe. Meet the owners Gel and Kei. And yes, they’re still on 20% off until the end of November. 🙂


Passed by some spoof MMDA signs, lol.

And that’s a wrap! I really love going to bazaars except that after, they make my wallet cry. It won’t stop me from attending another one though and that’s the Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center this coming December. We got passes again for free at Deal Dozen, you just need to sign up and you’ll get a free pass. Deal is still on so go get one! See you there!

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