Global Pinoy Bazaar X Hodge Podge

Last Monday, I was surfing random stuff in the internet when I came across a post about an upcoming bazaar this weekend. I was never into events before but when I worked, I suddenly liked going to events and bazaars and the likes. I saw that there is an upcoming Global Pinoy Bazaar and their tag line is really catchy which is “The Filipino is worth buying for.” Lately I’ve been into looking to some local clothing stores online and I actually like the idea of patronizing our own which made we want to come to this bazaar.

Luckily, Hodge Podge has this ongoing promo that they will be drawing 3 lucky winners and give them 2 tickets each to the bazaar. I joined and thinking that I’m really unlucky with promos and raffles and all, I didn’t expect anything. But lo and behold, I won! Weeeeee.  So thank you very much to Hodge Podge for the tickets! 🙂 I’ll definitely blog about the Global Pinoy Bazaar let you guys know. I’m pretty much excited with the food, haha 😀

Anyway, check out Hodge Podge’s page here for their early Christmas sale for the whole month of November! 🙂

Good vibes! 🙂

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