Cafe Sweet Inspirations

Location: 311 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Last November 1, after visiting my grandmother at the La Loma Columbary, my family decided to eat out for lunch. Since we’re heading back through Katipunan road, my sister suggested that we try Cafe Sweet Inspirations because it catered before to an event to the school that she was working at.


They offer Mongolian rice bowls buffet. You can select what sauce you want, they have instructions on how much sauce ingredients you need to put. It ranges from Sweet, Sweet and Sour, Hot and Spicy and the next one I can’t remember, lol.

If you pick the white bowl, you can get everything you want, choice of rice or sotanghon and veggies including peanuts, garlic, and 90 grams of the meat of your choice. They offer fish, squids, beef, pork, chicken and others. It’s priced at 205 with iced tea, no sharing. But for this meal, you need to finish everything in your bowl else you’ll pay an additional P150. After putting everything in the bowl, you will hand it to the waiter and they will cook it for you. Eat all you can is priced for P320 I think. They also have a la carte meals in their menu.

I did sweet sauce on rice, carrots, tofu, cabbage, bell pepper and a mix of chicken and pork for the meat.


After that, we decided to order dessert. We had leche flan for P115 which the 3/4 was already eaten and and a sansrival cake for P61.


The cafe really has good food with a value for money. Wanted to try the other cakes @_@ Hahaha. The cafe though has a warm yellow lighting so it was hard to take pictures using my phone camera. Visit the cafe and tell me about the other dishes! 🙂


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