Post Haus Restaurant

Location: Kronberg, Germany

Post Haus was where we did our final get together dinner for the business trip. It’s a actually a hotel restaurant residing at Kronberg. It has a homey and vintage-y interior with a bit romantic aura at the same time. I guess it was because of the and wine glasses. Perfect for a dinner date ❤ Haha 🙂 They have these Rattan-like place mats which reminds me of the Philippines so much and wallpaper covered walls like those of old newspaper and magazines.

Food serving was ginormous to me. My colleagues had a mountain of salad and mussels. I had a potato filled with pork cutlets and mushrooms with creamy sauce and mozzarella. Yum! If I get to play cook in the kitchen, I would probably want to try and cook it. 🙂

And here are the people I worked with. The waitress has a shaky hand so the picture was blurred. I’m the smallest! Isn’t the telephone booth inside the restaurant so cool? Yes? :p

Later I would probably dream of that potato dish. @_@

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