Mutter Kraus

Location: Schwalbach, Germany (for those who follow my Instagram, location was incorrect, I think I wrote Eschborn there)

During my Germany business trip we were able to go through some dining places and Mutter Krauss was one of them. They actually offer garden dining which should have been a beautiiful experience but we’re eating dinner and it was cold outside, so we (actually, I requested it =)) ate inside the restaurant. It has a really good feel of garden setting even in the interiors and I really like how cozy and homey it was.

I love how the table napkins somehow match the curtains. They look so pretty and fancy, I didn’t want to use them to wipe my mouth. I wanted take them home instead. lol.

Water is still on wine glasses, just looks like I’m drinking white wine. Even still water bottles are fancy in Frankfurt and they do have expiration dates. I have been told that products are all required to have expiration dates.

The picture above would actually be Mutter Krauss, mutter as in English is mother. This restaurant has been running since 1668 and I remember that when I searched for restaurants before my trip, this came out as one of the popular ones. 

My order was sausages with sauerkraut. Wasn’t able to appreciate sauerkraut though, really not a fan of sour taste even if I put sweet mustard with it. But the sausages were great and I (almost) finished all of them. When I went to Frankfurt, for some reason, my stomach gets full easily. 😦 Maybe it’s because of the serving size, not same one that we have here in the Philippines.

The ambiance of this restaurant is really good. I would definitely want to try their other dishes if I would be able to come back 🙂

++Photos taken by my Sony Xperia Neo V camera

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