October 2012: Frankfurt

Why hello there WordPress! Been so long since I did a post here. Work has my attention most of the time and I definitely missed blogging so I’m back! Literally. 🙂

I came back last Monday in Manila for a business trip in Frankfurt. I was able to go out and do some sight seeings. It was fall there so, it’s cold and since Philippines is a tropical country, I wasn’t used to the cold weather. The skin meeting my fingernails were so dry! But it was worth the experience. 🙂

We were able to meet a woman at the bus station. She gladly accompanied us on our way to the train station which would take us back to our hotel. She is very nice and I would never forget what she told us when we asked why she would go with us until our train ride when we know it’s not the same way she’s going. She answered us with, “I have the time. And that is all I have.”

Come to think of it, younger people tend to take time for granted and not enjoy the little and good things in life. When I reach the age of retirement, I want to look back to my life without regrets and be able to tell stories about how I lived my life to fullest. Opportunities come and go and I am so thankful that it went down right into my plate and was able to see a glimpse of Germany even for just one week. 🙂

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