Back to the Past at Fish and Co.

Location: 3F Greenbelt 3

This is actually a food post but since the day we ate seems like a repeat of history… well the title says it.

So why is it back to the past? Fish and Co. at Greenbelt 3 was actually my boyfriend and I’s first date place. And it’s even funny that I ordered every dish that we ate before. Lol. Except for the burger because it was too heavy and we’re chasing the movie screening time so we need food that’s easy to chew and swallow. Haha.

One bite n you’re hooked!


Prawn Fritters


The Best Fish & Chips in Town!



Praws Fettucinni with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


Add to the deja vu meal is the movie that we watched which is on an old setting of mix tapes and discos, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I loved this book and honestly, I loved the movie. Thumbs up for Stephen Chbosky. I guess since he wrote the book and did the directing gave so much justice. My favorite characters portrayed in the movie are Patrick, Mary Elizabeth and of course Charlie, whom my boyfriend is so annoyed at, lol.


Movie is a must watch that is, if you love the book 🙂

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