Overexposed Tour

Last night was EPIC! Maroon 5 was back in Manila and they did an excellent job performing at Smart Araneta for two straight hours! It seems like I was more tired than the band because they literally played every song after another and they have awesome adlibs and medleys.

The Cab opened for Maroon 5 last night. Aside from last night shows, they are having a mall tour at Ayala Malls with signings and interviews. Sang mostly for Bad and La La because those are the songs that I know the lyrics most. Thankfully they were both played! 😀

Did some camwhoring while waiting for Maroon 5. Seriously it took them ages to get into the stage, we wished The Cab played more songs.

And then the time finally came! WOHOO! The concert had an awesome backdrop and lighting I enjoyed taking photos of it as much as looking at Adam Levine’s biceps. Lol. On top of that, Adam played the drums and the guitar, did some solo and looked oh so gorgeous. *twinkling eyes*

I think the best highlight of the concert was when they played She Will Be Loved in acoustic and dedicated it to all the girls in the coliseum (cause I’m cheesy like that).

Maroon 5 ended the show with Moves Like Jagger with snippets of Oppa Gangnam Style! Hahaha. I super love them! They are really good live! I guess the downside part of the night was when my camera had insufficient space for videos and the loud bass that almost had me deaf after the concert. But nothing can ever replace the experience of watching them live and seeing 15,000 people dance to their songs (and of course Adam Levine’s biceps).

By the way, I would like to thank my concert sponsor for the great seats. Thanks babe ❤

I can’t keep two songs out of my head: Temporary Bliss by The Cab and Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5.

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