Back to Buying at Fab Manila

I really wanted their Darla Media pouch so when they did a restock, I was happy to buy one. I included with it a camera pouch.

The Darla Media Pouch (P175) comes with two big pockets which can hold your cellphones or slim cameras, card slots and a big garter to secure your stuff. 
My camera doesn’t fit inside the DMP cause it’s a bit bulky hence I bought the camera pouch which is also very versatile since you can make it into a kikay kit. It holds the contents through velcro and has a thin layer of foam (I guess). It’s so girly!

Fab Manila just creates fun and pretty designs sometimes I don’t want to see it in my news feed cause I might buy another. lol. It’s interesting to find these cute pieces inside your bag, they really add color to those like me who uses bags in safe colors like black, brown or gray. On top of that, they’re proudly locally made! You can check out Fab Manila’s Facebook page here.

P.S. Tonight is the night! Maroon 5’s Overexposed tour with The Cab. I can’t wait, I have their songs in the loop now! ❤

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