Saturday at MOA

I don’t usually go to MOA for SALE because of the fact that it’s so far away from our house. Last Saturday, boyfriend and I went to a driving adventure traveling from Cainta to Pasay for 3 hours because of the freaking yield at Magallanes to cross SLEX. Excruciating. You get to MOA tired, you get out of MOA broke. Lols.

One of the main reason’s why we went there was to go to the Book Fair at SMX which featured PSICOM’s Ramon Baustita’s “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?”  Too bad all copies were already sold! Got to take stolen shots though of Tado and Ramon.

First stop, UNIQLO! The very reason why I came to MOA. Hahaha. Got some great buys for the pants at P790 each. And the shirts for P590 each. I was supposed to go to Muji to check the store after this but decided against it because I already spent my budget. Even the boyfriend wasn’t able to resist and so he  bought shirts for himself. lol.

I’ve been dying to have the basics again. My wardrobe now consists of collared blouses I realized I don’t have something toned down for casual anymore. Went out of the store happy but broke. Hahaha!

After Uniqlo, we looked for J. Co to bring home goodies but the line was so long we opted for Go Nuts instead which wasn’t such a bad thing after all because even they were on SALE. Buy 6 Prima Donuts and you get 6 All Time Faves for P216. Sugar overload and aren’t the colors pretty? Hehe.

Did not drop by at MOA last weekend? Lucky you! =))

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