Advanced Wiring Workshop

It’s been a year since I attended the Beginners Workshop and finally I was able to attend the next workshop module. If you’ve seen my previous post about handcrafted accessories, well, it has been a hobby / business for a while now. Business was stopped though as the place to buy the raw materials is about a 2 hour ride from our house. I’m now thinking of doing some online shopping for this but nothing beats the experience of going to the stores minus the fact that you’ve actually exceeded your buying budget even if you have a freaking list of things to buy.

So earlier, the rush came back to me. We were of course taught of the techniques and were able to create some small pieces as base for big projects.

Brooch Base


Advanced Wire Wrapping

Basic Wire Wrapping


Vine Necklace made by our instructor

My first statement Cuff!

The cuff was the most hard to do! Rawr. The sewing was also fun though you need lots of time to finish a bib necklace.

Lessons learned: Patience is a virtue; No pain no gain. Nothing new here, haha. :p

If you’re interested in taking beading classes, you can check out Fundynamics Bead Workshop Facebook account here. Classes are taught by Sir Em Mariano in Manila, Cebu, Davao or CDO.

Can’t wait to buy raw materials! Ber month is here and Christmas is just around the corner. What a way to convince your friends that these are perfect holiday gifts. :))


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