A Little Dose of Creativity

Haven’t been able to recover from my blogger’s block yet. Good thing I have an order for accessories due before the 17th so I was able to use some creativity tonight. Seriously, the past nights should have background music of The Lazy Song. The weather promotes inactivity and non-productivity but not tonight though!

Just did some shots of the materials that I’m using. I’ve been meaning to create an online shop for accessories but I’ll probably wait until I’ve finished the advance workshop on bead making.

Look at these Agate stones, they’re so shiny and smooth I want to eat them. LOL.


I’m working with earth colored stones and I was laying down other stuff that I think I want to include but went against it last minute. Took a picture of these Siopao Beads instead. Oh those sparkly thingies.

My pliers are already rusty. I wasn’t able to use them for a long while. Cooking oil saved them for me.

I might post the finished products. Might. Shy type. LOL.

The weather’s messed up again because of another low pressure area. Hope it won’t rain too much tomorrow.

Anyway, gotta go! Need to watch XFactor Philippines! 🙂




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