Fab Manila!

I recently made an online purchase for a series of gifts. I decided to buy something from Fab Manila. I’ve been looking at their site for a long time and I was planning to buy something for myself. Turned out I would buy things for others. Hehe.

Desk Organizer: My gift for my sister’s birthday because she badly needs it. Bwahahaha :p Isn’t the design cute? 🙂

Wanderlust Purse: My late gift to Aireen. I guess it’s perfect for her because it’s pink and it says Wanderlust, in Filipino “gala.” LOLS. When I saw this, I immediately thought of her =))


Striped Pencil Case: This was an advance purchase because when I saw this, I had the same feeling when I saw the Wanderlust purse. I do hope she-who-likes-draw doesn’t read my post so she won’t know what my gift for her is. I really like the red felt lining inside.


Travel Envelope: This one I gave to my mom because she’s been bugging me about this since last year since I promised I would buy one for her. Hehe. As you can see, she has already maximized it’s storage capability :p


I’m actually very satisfied with the purchases that I would definitely buy again in the future. I’m just waiting for them to restock on their Darla Media Pouch! 🙂 I had a fast, easy and hassle free transaction and products are proudly locally made with very good quality. 🙂

I bought these items from their multiply site: http://fabmanila.multiply.com/

Check them out, they’re on SALE until August 5! 🙂



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