Dinner with Besties at Teriyaki Boy

Location: Eastwood City, Libis

Ooopps, super late post. Better late than never!

My high schools friends planned a quick dinner to catch up. Our get-togethers are once in a blue moon so I might as well do a ritual for the next one to happen. Since we’re all looking for something cheap, we went to Teriyaki Boy (raise eyebrows, what’s cheap with that? Cheap means dessert for dinner).

What will be a Japanese meal without Ebi Tempura?


And of course, California Maki. Yum yum.


A friend ordered a Bento Meal and Chicken Teriyaki which I wasn’t able to take a picture of.


Dinner won’t be complete though without the chit chat and some untold stories. I love catching up with them and I do hope we do this one more time. 🙂

Left to Right: Ave, Steph, Tonee and Me

P.S. It’s a gloomy Friday and I don’t know how I can go to work with heavy rain and some flooding around our area. 😦


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