Weekend Retail Therapy

Here goes a long post of the Weekend retail therapy. Hahaha.


Last Saturday I went to the Supersale Bazaar at World Trade Center. Since it’s “supersale,” I just alloted a budget for shopping so that I won’t buy a lot. I’m not expecting prices to drop to the lowest level but any girl would jump to the chance of the buying the things she needs <insert list of justifications here>. Check out the items that I was able to buy.

Sophie’s Mom

Tried out Sophie’s Mom! Finally! Been following Sophie’s blog for a while now and that’s where I learned they have this family business. When I saw in her post that they’re gonna be at the Supersale Bazaar, I did a mental note to visit their booth. Tried both the cupcakes their selling: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Ganache. So sinfully sweeeet! Though I like them better without the frosting on top. The Chocolate Ganache is really moist and yummy with that yema filling.

I would definitely visit their Megamall branch to try out the others. πŸ™‚

ShiQ Bags

I’ve been looking for small sling bags which can still fit my long wallet, cellphone and folding umbrella. I was able to find one from ShiQ. Good quality faux leather with grain. I really love the Mustard color and gold accents. Goodbye big bags and stressed shoulders… for now I guess.


Got this vintage dress from Vaintage. It was spur of the moment purchase, hahaha. Anyway, I like the lace and the stripes. Colors are vintage-y don’t you think? πŸ™‚

Green Shorts

Can remember the store’s name. Ugh. Anyway. Tried colored bottoms for once. Boyfriend said it’s house clothing. Lols. Belt comes with it for free πŸ™‚


When Sunday came, I attended my nephew’s Christening named Aedan. The reception was held at SM South Mall and of course we all know that it’s the mid year sale. Visited some shops and voila, I’m taking shopping bags home. LOL.


Now I don’t usually go inside Terranova cause I’m more of a BAYO girl. Lately my closet has been filled with with office clothes that I’m losing casual clothes. I know I know collared tops can be casual when paired with the right bottoms and shoes but sometimes I really want to dress down, more down than usual. Hope you get what I mean. πŸ˜‰

Jeans for P695

Wouldn’t let this opportunity pass. I’m not sure if I told this before but I only have one pair jeans in my closet now and they’re not what you can call comfortable. So when I held the jeans, found out the fabric is thick and stretch, saw the price, I immediately got one. Those are the days that I’m thankful I’m not size S anymore because they’re already unavailable in this style. Haha.

Canotta for P145

Got this for the low necklines and sheer tops. Didn’t try to fit this but I heard the person at my back say that small doesn’t cover her much so she got medium. I looked at her and assessed here body size and then grabbed one from the rack with the same size. I wasn’t wrong with the fit when I tried it at home. Woman instinct. Lol.

Long Belt for P295

I was tired of buying belts for P50 because they wear out quickly so I got one here on sale with the extra length for style. They even have a diagram on how to do it. Cute πŸ™‚


They’re also on sale so I got to buy these pumps at P999. Need to break them in though, I seriously might get crick or a sprained ankle on them. “Tiis-ganda” moment. To my international readers, it’s a saying here that means enduring for beauty. Hahaha.


Now my wallet is sniffing. Not crying but just sniffing. It’s good to allot money for shopping. Of course, you need a ceiling value in case you go overboard. HAHAHA.

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