Choose Life in a Heartbeat

Last weekend, I was assigned (shotgun) to be a part of the production team of the Handmaids for Family and Life for their echo conference at Pasig. In case I haven’t wrote it here, I’m a member of the Singles for Family and Life. Basically we’re all part of the community of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life and were divided into groups by age bracket or status.

I was a semi stage manager/runner at the same time because we were running an event of I think 500 people with only 6 people: 2 stage managers; 1 runner; 1 program director who also does everything above at the technical booth; and 2 for the documentation. Imagine how tired can that be, my feet were literally failing me already I had to sit down during the worship :s

Anyway, the event was held at Tanghalag Pasigueno and I was quite surprised with the structure of the place. It took me back to Vietnam’s Opera house 🙂

This is the scene at the registration table. The interiors of the place was pretty good too. I can imagine someone walking down it’s stairs as the debutante, I can also see that it can be a venue for a musical and as well as a formal dinner. They also have comfy seats at the main theater.

The experience was tiring but great. It actually felt good attending a different conference. It was not the usual that I am accustomed to as the yuppies and not so yuppies and the youth have different programs to suit their tastes.

The handmaids conference was all about choosing life in a heartbeat. The very line that struck me all throughout this conference was “Living but lifeless.” In life, we are always being fed with worldly thoughts and we sometimes forget that the things that would really make us happy are not the material or tangible. It is a matter of choosing the right thing to be able to live life to the fullest.

Just another thought, most of the women here chose single blessedness or single moms. It was such an honor to be part of the production team for a conference that exudes women empowerment through Christ. Most of the sharings were how they were able to pull they families to where they are now on their own and to me, that is a very big achievement.

I was also touched by those who we met along the way and thanked us in organizing their event until the end. 🙂

Before we left (didn’t go home yet cause I was to meet my high school friends at Eastwood which will be in another post), I was stunned by this ginormous chunk of clouds in the sky and I couldn’t stop myself to take a picture of it. It was amazing and scary at the same time because it looks like it’s going to destroy everything in its path.

The clouds returned to normal by the time we’re nearing Eastwood. I got freaked out by it a little bit.

P.S. I know this post was like a long rambling but I couldn’t organize my thought well I’m so sleepy my eyes are droopy like this (-_-).

Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂


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