Cajun Red Rock

Location: 3rd Floor Atrium SM Megamall

So after shooting some targets at Gandiva, we proceeded in pigging out at Cajun Red Rock. I looovveeee this place mainly because their Creole Pasta is greaaaaat. I love Friday’s Cajun Pasta best but I guess Creole Pasta comes second.

Bacon Rice with Onion Rings on top and the must try Creole Pasta!

Seriously cannot remember the names of the dishes below because they all look the same to me. LOLs.

I’m hungry, I’m gonna find something to munch on. Food photos never fail to make my stomach rumble.

Side Note: My friend Kit (@sinongkit) is selling lower box tickets for the Nicki Minaj concert for 9K (negotiable) please PM or tweet here if you’re interested. 🙂

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