J.Co Donuts and Coffee

Location: Ground Floor Megastrip B, SM Megamall

New in for dessert, snack and donut lovers out there. If you think Krispy Kreme is too sweet, then J.Co is just below their sweetness level. Still oozing too much sweetness for my taste though.

Interiors are good but there are too many people it’s an eyesore. It’s a bit noisy too. The lights on the ceiling are my favorite. I forgot what they’re called but I like it. Way back in highschool for Home Economics, I remember painting my restaurant project in orange. They say it’s the best homey and delicious eating experience color. I guess I can say that it’s the same with J.Co’s interior.

The picture above is literally the Donut buffet table. Across this is the bar for drinks which I wasn’t able to take a picture of. Say hello to my friend’s boyfriend George with the white cap. Hahaha. 🙂

I ordered two donuts, talk about sugar rush. The bottom donut is called hazel dazzle. The other on I cannot remember because I just asked the staff to give me something that has a little kick of coffee in it. Hazel dazzle is deadly though. I was a bit surprised because the top is not hard like in most donuts, it’s like a thick syrup your esophagus walls will stick together. I like the other one better but it’s still sweet. It has A LOT of filling. Haha. Will definitely come back to try some of the other flavors.

Here’s a cheesy J.Co quote for you. 🙂

Speaking of cheesy, my boyfriend called me after midnight to greet me on our monthsary. It’s our 7th month! Oh how time flies. Hahaha. ❤

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