Fathers’ Day at Italianni’s

Location: 2nd floor Eastwood Mall

Late posts! A lot of them are waiting to be uploaded. As you can see, I’m back to food blogging. Hahaha. 😉

We were supposed to eat at Cyma last Fathers’ Day because my sister was craving for Greek. When we arrived, the restaurant was so full that we would be listed as 10th if we were willing to wait. Now we were all hungry so we looked for something near and I found that there are vacant tables outside Italianni’s so lunch here we come.

Watermelon Shake. My sister’s order. I took a top shot of it but it doesn’t look appealing at all because of the bubbles. It tastes just right though, not too sweet for me.

Tuscan Bread. We were also served Tuscan bread as a complimentary appetizer. There were two bottles that the waitress opened for the dip but she wasn’t able to explain to us what they were. All I know is that I don’t like the black part because it’s sour. The oil is perfect though. I think it has pesto in it. Please feel free to enlighten me what they’re called. 🙂

Truffle Fries. I must say that this is my favorite order (since I’ve put a little extra comment on the photo). I like it very much! 😀

Caesar Salad. Of course we ordered veggies for mom and dad. This tastes good too but I didn’t eat much because it’s fresh and I don’t eat uncooked food since I got hospitalized of Amoebiasis. Bummer, I know.

Penne with Sausage.. That is sooo not the name of this dish but I just cannot remember it. Gaahh. Anyway, sister didn’t like it but I did. Though I prefer a small serving only like 1/4 of it to 1/2.

Classico. This, my sister liked but I didn’t (lol at us). Tomato lovers would be thrilled but to me, it got a little bitter somewhere I can’t put my fingers on.

So since I was already in Eastwood, I did a couple of shots.

We got to see a short show with this Afro Man on our way to the parking lot. You need to put coins on his container for him to perform.

Check out his short video! And yes that was me laughing on the background. =))

How d’you like my pictures? 🙂

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4 Responses to Fathers’ Day at Italianni’s

  1. Bud Blogger says:

    Wow, crisp shots! Hey, I envy your photography skills. Hehe. Italianni’s is a bit pricey but the food is really..um, molto delizioso! haha.

    • tinsalipot says:

      Thanks! I do a little post processing though, hehe 😉 Yesss, pricey but I wouldn’t mind eating here once in a while. And my sister paid for this lunch. LOL =))

  2. Paolina says:

    The black dip for the Tuscan bread is balsamic vinegar! I don’t like it too. But I guess Italian bread always calls for the olive oil-balsamic vinegar tandem 🙂

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