Not Your Ordinary Workout

Haven’t been able to post for a while but I’m back now! Can you believe that I’m writing this post via mobile? Awesome!! Sorry haven’t been into advanced mobile technology I’ve discovered awesome apps like Wattpad (which is being threatened to be removed by my boyfriend), Bloglovin and WordPress. But that’s going into another full post about my new phone. Today. Let me tell you how I got bruises, scratches and body ache.

I’m so not into routine workout aka gym. I need something fresh and unusual so after one year, I went back to pole dancing.


The picture above is the awesome studio of Polecats Manila located at Strata 100 Ortigas. It has a very beautiful mural I must say.


Here’s a picture of my colleague Gia after the class.


And of course a picture of me.


And some of my bruises. Lol.

Contrary to what people believe, pole dancing classes aren’t about seduction. One, it’s literally like gymnast class. Two, it’s all about being confortable about youself. Three, men are not allowed inside to watch.

I’ll definitely go back for another class. It never disappoints and is worth every bruise. :p

Check out the Polecats Manila blog here.

Class picture with teacher Amaya. 🙂


As they say, “Strong is the new sexy.”

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