Little Emily

Okay, so you’re all probably getting stuffed with my food posts lately but I just can’t help eating, lols. Anyway, for a change, I’ll be posting girly stuff for today! Yey! 😀

You might be wondering what the title is for and it’s really simple. Little Emily is an online Multiply store where you get itsy bitsy girly stuff like apparel, accessories, organizers and many more. Multiply had a super promo of free shipping nationwide (until the end of June I think) so I took the chance of my second (the first one was in eBay) online purchase. Airplane tickets are not included here. 🙂

What I bought? As mentioned, girly stuff.

Girly Stuff #1: Korean Sponge Curlers

Seriously, I do not know how it works. It doesn’t help too that the instructions are in Korean and I was made to guess the illustration which is not that hard. I TRIED. But I failed, haha. I guess my hair’s too short for this. I’ll wait until it grows longer and post my success, if that day comes. People don’t get satisfied, like women, they’re hair’s super straight but they want it to curl. When it’s curly, they want it to be straight. I guess I fit in? Hahaha.

Girly Stuff #2: Heated Eyelash Curler

First, curl the hair. Second, curl the lashes. I don’t know why I bought this when my boyfriend has even longer lashes than mine. I guess I can give it to him as gift. Yes? No. But it works. It’s battery operated by the way and the pink silicon turns transparent when it’s ready for use. Just be careful because it really gets hot.

Girly Stuff #3: Spin Pins 

Getting tired of the usual elastic to create your bun. Then screw this to your hair! I’m not kidding. You make hair bun and then screw it to your bun. Goody sells the same thing but since I’m more of a semi frugal person, I chose these babies. If you need to choose between 2 for P500 and 10 for P30, isn’t it so obvious what to choose? I got only 9 out of ten working though but 9 is still better than 2. Difference is, Goody sells spin pins in different colors to match your hair and the ends of their spin pins are rounded. But these works fine to me.

Girly Stuff #4: Bag Tag

Not girly at all, more of warfreak-ish or something. Just bought this because my travel bag doesn’t have anything like this with it for identification.

Can you guess how much everthing is?

Dun dun dun dun…..

All of them for P145 and free shipping!

My mom sent me an email before stating why men are never depressed. One of the items there says that “A man will pay $2 for a $1 item that he needs. A woman would pay $1 of a $2 dollar item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale.” Guilty.

Anyway, visit Little Emily here. How’s your Sunday? 🙂

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3 Responses to Little Emily

  1. Bud Blogger says:

    A woman will pay $1 for a $2-item and will disclose the prices of her purchases and will feel proud of it! Haha!

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