Meat Plus Cafe

Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone

As mentioned in my Bataan Photo Diary, we ate lunch at Meat Plus Cafe. It’s all steak and mostly meat dishes so my guy’s very much happy about the place while I’m just okay with it. I wasn’t really a steak person, I like chicken more so I ate fish there, lol. Anyway, I could have eaten meat but I can’t chew properly because my braces are pulling my canines. Zzz.

Battered Fish. Yes battered as in like battered wife or the adjectives alike. It’s cream dory with of course, tartar sauce. I’ll never get tired of eating it this way. Hahaha.

Potato Skins. This goes with two dips, sour cream and cheese I think.

Topsirloin in medium rare. I don’t like uncooked food. We didn’t know you could request it to be done medium well, somewhere between medium rare and well done. Ohhhhh.

Beef Belly. This I think I could try. I like fish belly, I like pork belly, I haven’t tried beef.

Dishes are about P200 to P500. Cheaper than your usual stake house. You can also choose the meat part and then have it cooked for you but I think there’s an additional charge.

Everything meat. Hungry now? 🙂

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One Response to Meat Plus Cafe

  1. sani panini says:

    I’m hungry now!

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