Location: Naga City

Late restaurant photos! 🙂 If you remember,  I posted about Caramoan here and here. On our last day before boarding the train to Manila, we had late lunch in one of the restaurants in Naga City. This was recommended by our semi tour guide from Traveler’s Camp.

The restaurant has a canteen / food court style counter where there are a lot of food shown through glass and you get trays for your orders.

The interior design doesn’t look much like a canteen though. I was muttering some ooohs and ahhhs by myself once I got to sit. They have two floors by the way. We went up because we’re many.

We ordered the usual home cooking meals because we were running late and we need to be at CWC by 4PM.

Lechon Kawali.

Fish sisig. A little bit oily but I really liked this. After eating this and Lechon Kawali, I thought I would need to monitor my blood pressure, lols. Accidentally ate the green pepper during my first bite. It was biting! Get it? Errr.

Pinangat na Laing. It’s made of gabi leaves and coconut milk. The coconut milk was sandwiched between two squares of gabi leaves. It’s yummy, if you like veggies and coconut milk. Laing is one of the signature dishes of Bicol. This one’s not spicy though.

That’s about it! Ever tasted Laing before? If you haven’t and you’re going to Bicol, you need to try it and Bicol Express 🙂

*Special thanks to Martee for the photos, these were taken using his Nokia cellphone. 🙂

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3 Responses to Geewan

  1. Bud Blogger says:

    Hm. I’ve seen Laing several times before but I’ve never really been curious about its taste. Maybe I should try it next time. Hehe.

    • tinsalipot says:

      Go! I prefer it a bit spicy though cause it injects a surprise flavor that you’ll just taste about 3 seconds after you put it in your mouth. Hehehe. 😉

  2. Bud Blogger says:

    Hehe, thanks for your tip. I’ll remember that on my next encounter with laing. 😀

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