Jayesslee coming to Manila

JUNE 21, SAVE THE DATE! Check this link from Manila Concerts Scene for details.

I like their covers and this one’s the current favorite. I. just. can’t. even.

And because I only heard this cover now, this is the first time I watched the video of their special announcement which is Sonia and Andy’s engagement. They’re the cutest!

The post is actually a frustration because I won’t be able to watch them due to the following:

  1. I’m on shift that day which is from 3PM to 12MN.
  2. I cannot afford another leave because I’ve already filed a lot before and we are short with people.
  3. I don’t have the funds! We’ll I’ll do because of salary day but they’re already allotted for something more important than my happiness (insert emo face), like my FUTURE (insert happy future thoughts).

So for those of you who’ll watch, please take a lot of pictures and videos and tag me.

Anyone here who will watch their concert? I hope none of my Filipino readers will so I won’t get envious. Loljk. =))

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2 Responses to Jayesslee coming to Manila

  1. kuxieballoo says:

    guess what? I want to watch, too!!!

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