Brew-Kus: The Bev-Wich Shop

Location: Unit G-02, 139 Corporate Center, 139 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, PH.

Late post! I guess we ate here way back February.

Brew-Kus is very accessible to us because Corporate Center is just a 5 minute walk away from the office. For those who are on a food budget, dining here is suggested if you’re in for a food splurge. They also offer milk tea drinks which I didn’t try because I’m not a milk tea fan. But my colleagues said it was good. I like the interiors but I wasn’t able to take a picture. Photos here are taken by the way by an iPhone. Thanks AC for sending the pictures! 🙂

Jed’s order: Shrimply Loaded, i think :s. I cannot really remember. When we first saw this, we thought, “That sandwich is so sad.” We were against quantity of the shrimp which is as you can see almost non existent contrary to the menu pictures. Jed said it was very flavorful though and didn’t need to be over stuffed.

Chie’s order: Grilled Prawns and Vegetables. If I remember correctly, Chie didn’t like this. I don’t know why in particular. I guess it’s the prawn serving. Hahaha.

My (and everyone else’s) order: Fish in Caper Cream Sauce. This one’s a must try! It’s fried cream dory which tastes really good with their caper sauce. Very filling too. I’m craving for a lot of fish dishes these days I don’t know why.

I will definitely go back cause I want to try their Stuffed French Toast! But I’ll probably wait for salary day first. Lol. 🙂

Are you also in the Makati area?

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6 Responses to Brew-Kus: The Bev-Wich Shop

  1. Bud Blogger says:

    I know this place! We tried their pasta, also around 2 or 3 months ago and it was good! It was my boss’s treat, and that I think made it even better. Hehe. I’m also from Makati and Brew-kus is just a 2-minute walk from our office.

    Oh, I forgot. Hi!:D

  2. u8mypinkcookies says:

    i wanna try their stuffed toasts too, but looks damn sinful! loved the ranchero omelette tho.

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  4. Pingback: Back to Brew-Kus « Reminders for the Faulty Memory

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