Vans “Off the Wall” Concert

Location: Smart Araneta, Cubao

I enjoy taking photos of concerts mainly because of the lighting. I’m just amazed on how they look like in photographs so I really did the effort of taking as much as possible good shots.

Vans “Off the Wall” was a concert produced by Pulp Live World. They sent three bands here in Manila. Two of them I only knew during the concert, and one was a favorite. That didn’t stop us from getting Patron A standing though! We got it discounted as an early bird promo, yesss! 🙂

We arrived there at around 6 PM. If I remember correctly, gates opened at 6:30. There were a lot of annoying conyo kiddies around us. I was tempted to look for a duct tape and tape their mouths, lol.


Didn’t like their songs much, they’re a little bit hardcore. But the audience, as much as I believe, even though they don’t know their songs very well we’re very accommodating and still rocked to the music. They even created a small mosh pit. There was an awkward moment of silence when they asked if there was anybody born from the 80’s. My boyfriend and I were looking at the crowd and we’re like, “Uhhh, are we the only ones?” lol. Most of them were apparently born during the 90’s.


Meet Joel Kanitz, the pretty boy vocalist of This Century. I like their songs. Since we didn’t know the lyrics, we just swayed into the music. Hahaha.

The girl above is named Genevieve. She’s probably the luckiest fan girl that night as she was chosen randomly to sing the final song with the band. She even got a quick hug from Joel, lol. Lucky to be surrounded by those gorgeous arms. Haha :p


YESSSSS. Our time to sing along. The only band who’s songs we know. I think this really made my Saturday. Tay Jardine was awesome, didn’t know her appeal would include that much swagger on stage!

Jordan Eckes was also really good especially in vocals. They’re included the few bands I know who sound even more awesome when playing live.

Another cutie in the house! Cameron Hurley ❤

Tolerating the four hour stand and even the loud shrieks of the pre-pubescent girls around us was REALLY worth it. WATIC’s set list finished like a breeze to me. It felt like 5 minutes only I hope they come back! I guess that’s how it is when you had too much fun especially when you’re with someone special. My ticket was a monthsary gift from the boyfriend, and just like what he said last Sunday, we celebrate with a bang. Happy 6th month babe ❤

How’s your weekend? 🙂

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2 Responses to Vans “Off the Wall” Concert

  1. Miho says:

    That Cameron Hurley’s cute, teehee. Anyway, great post! And happy monthsary to you and your boyfriend! 🙂

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