The Unboxing Experience

My first ever ultimate purchase has arrived yesterday. I’m so excited that when I arrived at around 1:00 AM here at home I unboxed it. Hahaha. Actually, my office mates already did but I didn’t look so my later experienced won’t be spoiled. Haha.

If you’re wondering about the specs of this laptop then here are the details:

  • 11.6 in display
  • 6-cell Lithium Battery
  • 500 GB disk space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • AMD Dual Core
  • Integrated mic and webcam
  • Windows 7 starter
  • Beats Audio

What I like about this:

  • Touch pad isn’t smooth. It doesn’t feel like touching a moist surface.
  • MAC like keyboard, they’re blocks so it’s easier to clean I guess.
  • Battery isn’t protruding.
  • It’s compact and very light.

The only slightly off about this is the OS and the outer material or coating. Windows starter doesn’t have the cool transition Win 7 has. Haven’t discovered the others yet but my friend said it’s lacking a lot of things. I’m considering upgrading to Win 7 Home Premium. Rar. The laptop coating is smooth but it gets fingerprints all the time it’s annoying. Haha.

I’ve been working for almost three years and I never brought any gadget for myself, not even a new cellphone so this is really a first. ZZZ. Anyway, hope you had a nice time meeting Blake a.k.a My Fruits (one of them) of Labor. (lol)

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