White Chocolate and Words

When I put together chocolates and blogging, I remember my old blog entry when I was still using Multiply which was deleted 2 years back. In that post, I talked about how I really like chocolates and how they’re not good for me aka allergic. Bummer, right? But then, there are times when I just couldn’t resist eating one, or two, or maybe even five. I always say that as long as I don’t feel anything bad, I’ll eat it. It’s ridiculously funny how tempting chocolates are that I’d risk my health for it. I’m sure that I’m not the only person having the same difficulty of resisting. Here’s when the saying “Misery loves company” comes, lol.

My thoughts were in chaos since last night. I was trying to sleep but there were a lot of ideas popping suddenly in my head. It hit me how I wanted to do a lot of things. This morning, it jumped from chocolate blogging, to my old blog at Multiply and now to a realization: No matter how you dump something so deep, it will always come back to you in time. Memories are like that.

++ I ate four white Reese’s yesterday :s

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