Her name is Tami. She is about 4 human years (I think, if  I heard my friend correctly). I saw her yesterday at my friend’s house trying to open the inner gate because she’s afraid of the thunder. She loves to stay under the long seat just outside the main door because the floor is covered with tiles which is usually cooler during the summer. Her left eye has cataract and her right eye is starting to have it too. She also has shrunk ears because of old years.

Animals have the instinct to live given the harsh conditions and struggles that they face. They fight it until their last breath. People also do, but of course not all the time. They say that strength is found within yourself and you’ll just have to search for it. I hope that when the time comes that I need to face hardships in this life, I will find that strength in me. I hope so too that you’ll find yours.

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2 Responses to Tami

  1. I love this post! Dogs are really wonderful. ❤


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