Top 15 Videoke Playlist

Filipinos LOOOVVE to sing whether we can really sing or not, it doesn’t matter.  A good ol’ vacation will never be complete without the videoke… and the booze I guess cause it makes people gain confidence they will never have when sober.

Here’s a list of my top videoke songs to sing (in no particular order – depends on how drunk the people are) and probably why they should be sung and who should sing them.

  1. At the Beginning by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx: For the graduates, kidding!  Duets! We love videokes with double mics. It means double the fun, and I guess double the noise. 
  2. How Do I Live by Trisha Yearwood: I ALWAYS sing this, I don’t know why. lol. I guess it’s one of the old songs that suit my voice, chos. Fo all the convicts (Con Air), ex-convicts (prisoners of love?). 
  3. It Must Have Been Love by Roxette: Oh yes, it must have been love for the good and bad flings, for the mutual understandings or the misunderstandings. 
  4. Alone by HeartThis song needs to be sung if you want to scream your heart out to someone.  
  5. Honestly by Harem Scarem: For those looking for answers and needs an angst release. 
  6. Heaven by Bryan Adams: Not for the brokenhearted, he/she might remember the way it used to be. lol. 
  7. When Love and Hate Collide by Def Leppard: Title says it all. 
  8. Always by Atlantic Starr: Another duet we love! Kilig hits to the max so obviously, another song not for the brokenhearted. Hahahah. 
  9. Always by Bon Jovi: Should be sung by a MAN. lol. Favorite line, “I’ll be there forever and a day.” I remember my office colleague mentioned how awesome Bon Jovi because he even thought of that line and it was stuck in my head ever since. After all, who can  promise to be there for you forever and a day? Hands down. 
  10. 25 Minutes by Michael Learns to Rock: Too little too late. I guess for those whom we call “torpe” or those who can’t directly tell what they feel. 
  11. Can’t Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon: The song that bears it all. HAHAHAH. Booze blurs the mind, if that happens, don’t sing this song when you don’t plan to bear your heart out =)) 
  12. Ever Since the World Began by Survivor: ANYONE. Finally, something general. lol. 
  13. When I See You Smile by Bad English: I guess this is for those who are crazy in love but doesn’t want to sing Beyonce’s song. :p 
  14. Goodbye by Air Supply: Letting go, oh gosh. “There’s no other way than to say goodbye.” 
  15. Victims of Love by Joe Lamont: After all, we all are victims of love. (Sabbeeehhh??) 
Aren’t you wondering why you know these songs? I don’t even know when I learned all those lyrics! So that’s it for my list. Tell me what’s you favorite videoke song 🙂

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2 Responses to Top 15 Videoke Playlist

  1. Can’t fight this feeling. ❤ Hahaha

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