My Lucky Day

Ever had one of those so-so days and then you suddenly felt lucky and happy before it ends? I think yesterday was my lucky day.

Anj and I attended a Career Talk Show held by our company to give employees an insight on the Managerial, Technical, Project Management career paths. Too bad there wasn’t a guest from PMP though. Anyway, the show was two cut into three parts: technical, managerial and q&a for everyone. So why was it my lucky day?

Lucky Moment Number 1: Handsome Guy in Blue Polo

The moment we got in, we were late because we did some quick shopping (lol), we saw one of the guests. Of course he wasn’t really a guest as he’s an employee but since it’s a talk show… yes? He was sporting a light blue polo with a semi-muscular build, chinito and tall. I can tell, because he has long legs, I don’t know if that sounded right but… you get the point. It was a shame I didn’t bring my camera. Haha. The moment Anj and I sat, we had about 10 second silence and then she looked at me and we were like.

Women logic like my boyfriend would say. I guess in this case he COULD generalize how women think. LOL. =))

Lucky Moment Number 2: Learnings

One thing was crystal clear about what I got from the talk show, I was never gonna go for the Technical Path. Sometimes, it’s just weird that you get into a technical course and then you realize when you’re already at work that you don’t want anything technical anymore. I envy people who were able to make a really good choice on their courses and were able to use them after graduating. I’m not saying I regret being a Computer Science graduate, as the cliche says, “Make the most of what you have.”

I have two paths to choose from. As one of the managers said, “If you can take people breaking down in front of you and you have the passion to help other people by managing their careers, then by all means take the managerial path.” I’m not sure I’d be able to as I’m a very emotional person and I might break down with the person, lol. But I’m definitely exploring the project management path.

Lucky Moment Number 3: Ate My Own Words

In a good way! All preregistered participants are entitled to a raffle. While the name was being drawn, I was telling Anj, “I never had luck (Emcee: And the winner is…) in raffles (Emcee: Ma. Christina… ).” THAT WAS ME. LOL. I won’t go into detail for my whole name, it’s so long. I think the host had to catch his breathe after saying my whole name.


What about you? When was your lucky day? 🙂


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