Blog Overhaul

I had the sudden urge to clean up my blog after reading Kira of Her New Leaf’s post on Primp My Blog. I created this blog header which boyfriend says looks like a store brand. But hey, better a store brand look alike than a dog bone (the first version looks like one).

And I also added some clickable buttons on the sidebar via tutorial also of Kira. Check these out honey suckle color of 2011! So cute and girly 🙂

I’ve customized mine to add the bloglovin icon.

Aside from that, I’ve linked my blog to a Facebook page for direct feeds on post. I had a light bulb moment earlier and did all of these stuff. Blogging is a little time consuming but it’s actually a stress reliever to me.

So that’s it for now, I need to catch some sleep 🙂

++ Updated my header again. Fickle minded young lady, lol. =))

♥ Tin

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One Response to Blog Overhaul

  1. I’ll admit, I only JUST completing my blog spring cleaning list this weekend! Organizing all those categories is hard work!

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