How to Tell A Guy That He’s Got a Hole on His Pants Crotch

++ re-post from my old blog, situation originally happened last February 26, 2012

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I rode a jeepney from Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall to get results on my mom’s abdomen ultrasound and my X-ray. I usually ride the seat part at the very end so I can get down easily. When I sat, there was a college guy in front of me on his college uniform. I gauge that he’s a little taller than me with a medium to large size build. He’s not muscular, just the usual kind of guy who doesn’t do gym routines. So of course, we’re sitting. And everyone knows how men sit: they have open legs. And usually (just my opinion), the larger their build, the larger the space between their knees. I, on the other side, in front of the guy, looks down most of the time, if not outside. So when I looked down, not on his crotch, but just down, I was disturb. There in the midst of blackness (he wears black slacks) was a white hole about 1.5 inches (that’s how accurate my measuring skills is).

Now let’s go back to the topic. How do you tell a guy that there’s a hole on his pants crotch? Check these out:

  1. Straight to his face: “Hey man, you’ve got a hole on your crotch!” (Loud enough for him to hear, jeepneys have loud motors you know.)
  2. Indirectly: “Hey, I believe your brief’s color is white.” (Yeah, and then run for cover. Seems like you’re hitting up on him. Zzz.)
  3. Ask the person beside you to tell it for you: “Sir (he should be a guy), can you tell the guy in front of me that he has a hole in his crotch?”
  4. Write it on paper: The shy mode.
What I did? I didn’t do anything! I barely know him. Correction: I don’t know him. Hahaha. But I hope his classmates would tell him though. :p
++ It’s been a long time since I rode jeepneys. Forgot how hot it can be. >.<
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