Hong Kong: Madame Tussaud’s

Madame Tussaud’s

Location: The Peak  100 Peak Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

How to get there?: Take the MTR until Hongkong station. It’s connected to the IFC mall. Go down to Exchange Square, it’s a bus terminal and ride the bus labeled 15 that goes up to the Peak  Road. Just walk past the Peak Galleria and you will see the The Peak Tower in T-shape.

The Peak Tower

Why you need to go there?: If you want pictures with famous people (of course replicas in wax) then you should go there. It’s like Baguio but a little warmer. I don’t know why, might be because of the time we went there, it was around 2 or 3pm. You can also visit Victoria’s Peak from the Peak Tram Tower.

View from the Peak Road

View from the side of the Peak Tower

Me before we came inside Madame Tussaud’s. I know I said it’s a bit warmer but you still need the scarf. Haha. Americans can stand the cold better than us Asians cause they still wear tank tops and shorts whereas I wear a jacket, a scarf and leggings. -_-

Meet my prom date. LOL.

George Bush congratulating me. Hahaha. With Barrack Obama in the background.

Me having a dispute with Albert Einstein. LOLs.


The worst picture ever taken from this trip. Hahahahaha.

I guess this is my favorite shot. David Bekham’s still hot even in wax ❤

There are a lot more, I just picked the ones I really like.  Apologies for the low quality (Auto mode) photos. We were just plain haggard with this trip. I believe one way travel from exchange road to the peak tower is 30 minutes. Bangkok has the same wax museum though and the ticket in Hong Kong gives you a 20% off IF you go to Bangkok.

That’s it for now!

♥ Tin

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2 Responses to Hong Kong: Madame Tussaud’s

  1. thepinaslocalscene says:

    LOL @ spiderman pic

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