Hong Kong: Tim Ho Wan


Location: Kwong Wah St., Mongkok, Hong Kong

How to get there: Take the MTR and get down at Yau Ma Tei station exit A2. The exit is a going up the staircase so once get to the top, do an about face and go straight.You should see a main road so turn right and then turn right again once you see Dundas St. Go straight and then turn left to Kwong Wah St. You’ll find Tim Ho Wan at your right with a 7-11 landmark on your left.

Why it’s a must try?: It’s a Michelin Star restaurant and very cheap given the title!


The place is always swarming with people so you need to be there because in order to eat, you need to get a number. We arrived there at 11 am and was given number 44. We ate at around 12-ish.


Did some photo ops while waiting. LOL.


Finally we were able to go inside. It’s a small restaurant so you may need to share your table with another person.


Now, food photos!

Steamed Fresh Shrimp Dumpling – 24HKD. Nothing special to me but I guess this is where the authentic spark comes in.

Pan Fried Fish Dumpling – 16HKD. Too oily and squishy for my taste.

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork – 17HKD. ANOTHER MUST TRY! This one’s so yummmeeeh. You’re gonna lick your fingers after. *sigh

Steamed rice with beef & pan fried egg – 18HKD. Not enjoyed this very much but still something different.

There’s something else that we weren’t able to try, it’s the Gutinous Rice Dumpling. We ordered it but I wasn’t able to take a photo because we weren’t able to eat it in the restaurant. We had it for take out but it was too cold when we arrived at the hotel. Too bad 😦 Anyway, it costs about 24HKD. We had 6 orders for 3 people. It’s already enough but if you have a big appetite, well I don’t know. The guy from Brussels whom we shared a table on ordered about 7, his bill was around 95HKD. He’s big though he got full by the time everything was served so he was forcing himself to finish it. He even offered us a spring roll. :p

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