The (Justified) Wants and Needs

My Saturday was supposed to be Baclaran in the morning and Las Pinas by night. But due to some unforeseen events, I wasn’t able to go to Las Pinas. So it became Baclaran in the morning, Megamall by night. My sister and I just went to Megamall on the way home and I bought some stuff which is a combination of wants and needs justified, hence the title.

The Justified Want

Forever 21’s got a good and cheap collection of shades. I bought mine from there which is P225. If I was able to see a similar one in Baclaran, I would’ve gotten it for P50. The sun was not friendly enough so we left the place immediately. Summer heat! On a side note, my sister got a good deal for a dress from F21 which i think is just approximately P650!

The Need

Second item’s the ortho toothbrush. I swear you’ll see the “I’m already worn out, replace me this instant!” signs with my current toothbrush. =))


The Justified Need

Next stop was Bayo. I remembered that I still have enough reimbursable for clothes so I bought two blouses. Ahh the perks. They even have that new recycled paper bag, plus points for being environmental friendly. 🙂


I really like the buttons of the yellow blouse and the cutesy “I can’t decipher prints” of the blue blouse. Hehehe. 🙂

So there! I think Saturdays were really made for shopping. LOL.

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